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“cinematic, contemporary noir”
“a breezy sense of despair”
“spare, sly humour and quiet revolutions”

Genre-adjacent writing with a subtle touch

For readers who find the aftermath more compelling than the catastrophe, enthralled by the grotesqueness and hilarity of the everyday, I write about mundane horrors, the laughable unfunny, and the borders of human kindness, having always been most curious about what life looks like once the camera crews move off the lawn.

Like many

others of my generation, I was traumatized after seeing Return to Oz in the theatre at age seven. But I recently rewatched it, and you know what? That shit holds up! Sure, it’s scary and not for small children, but then, neither is Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy—and like LOTR, it’s a splendidly thoughtful adaptation.

Will you take a chance on a rewatch?